Transparent brand

 Brand Name: Transparent

TRANSPARENT-Refuse Expensive Price,Reject Poor Quality!I TRUST TRANSPARENT.

TRANSPARENT Is a trustworthy brand, the quality and price are transparent.

Brand value: Let Africans share good Chinese products. It is the first direct selling brand in Nigeria, without any middleman.TRUST TRANSPARENT

Founded: August 2018
Company: 3CHUB

Brand definition:
Transparent aims to provide customers with high-quality and affordable products with transparent prices and transparent services, resist inferior quality, reject high prices, and allow African consumers to use cost-effective products. And all products are provided with a longer warranty period than other products in the same industry, so that consumers can buy and use them at ease.

Brand introduction:
It is a fashion brand under the 3CHUB company in Nigeria.
Transparent currently has a series of products such as home appliances, lifestyle, accessories, etc. At the same time, we are constantly expanding other high-quality products; we hope that every family can enjoy the rich, exquisite and beautiful products of Transparent, and we hope that every family Can feel the modern high-quality life through Transparent products; we hope that we can bring the greatest trust to our customers.
Home appliances series: there are TVs, air conditioners, fans and other products, which can meet the living needs of each family.
Lifestyle series: watches, ladies bags, hats and other fashion items; floor mats, watches, electric mosquito swatters and other fashionable household products
Accessories series: There are main mobile phone accessories such as charging treasure, earphones, etc.

Transparent uses independent product design and flat network direct sales to provide African consumers with high-quality products that can be easily owned.
With the pursuit of user experience as the starting point, transparent has produced a series of unique products. The products are marketed in various regions of Nigeria under the slogan of "QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE", and have accumulated a goodword ofmouth.

Transparent adopts independent product design and flat network direct sales to provide you with high-quality products

until now
We own 60+ stores in Nigeria,Stores are distributed in various regions of Nigeria
Transparent,Refuse Expensive Price,Reject Poor Quality!